A List of Spectacular Places To Visit in Venice, Italy

veniceWith its unforgettable romantic ambiance, impressive restaurants, canals and gondolas, Venice is a spectacular city that draws hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. Waterfront, churches, palaces and palazzos make drifting down the Grand Canal an experience that’s incredibly similar to that of cruising through a painting.

However, if you really want to experience this city, you have to go to a classical music performance or the opera, spend some time in the exhibit halls of an art gallery and also nibble fresh pastries and pasta. And if you’re a label lover, you’ll definitely love the Piazza San Marco where a lot of high end shopping is available.

Take The Vaporetto Down The Grand Canal

venice bridgeNo matter if you arrive in Venice at the small airport across the lagoon, at the bus depot in Piazzale Roma or at the Santa Lucia railway station, the first thing you’re going to set eyes upon is the Grand Canal. The place looks, as many tourists have confirmed and continue to do so, exactly as in the pictures and at the same time it feels both familiar and foreign.

At once, it’s going to feel like you’ve just become a part of an eighteenth century painting by Canaleto and realize that even if for a bit, the world around has changed and is a little different. To extend this new feeling and state of mind, make sure to take a vaporetto and ride the canal while admiring the grand palazzos’ crumbling and beautiful facades, such as the Ca Rezzonico and Ca’d’Oro prior to ending the journey at Saint Mark’s Square.

Visit St. Mark’s Basilica

St Marks BasilicaAt the E. side of Saint Mark’s Square you’ll find a basilica that is known to house Saint Mark The Evangelist’s remains. According to legend, it is said that the relics were hidden in a barrel by Venetians so that they can be easily slipped past Muslim guards. The scene is so important and memorable that it was even depicted in a mosaic that can be admired above the portal to the far left of the main entrance. With its onion domes that are masterfully clad in lead, graceful arches and great marble columns, the Saint Mark Basilica is an exotic outlier that you’re definitely want to come back and visit in the near future.

Go Island Hopping

Eventually, no matter how much you love Venice, you’ll certainly want to escape the hustle and bustle by spending a day or more in the nearby islands of Torcello, Burano or Murano. Torcello is known for being rarely visited by tourists, Burano is popular for its lace while Murano is famous for glassmaking.

No matter where you choose to go on your vacation to Venice, Italy, these are some of the most impressive and incredible places that you should certainly consider visiting. Remember to take your time here and not rush to see 10 places in the same day, since you won’t be able to enjoy the experience and take in all of what you see.

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