Italy is the world’s most celebrated tourist destination, with Rome as its capital, it is a home of western culture and cuisine. Italy has it all; with one of the most diverse and beautiful landscapes in Europe, ancient ruins, the world greatest art treasures in Rome, comfortable climate, religious places, mountains and national parks and most importantly a delicious and authentic natural cuisine.

It is a country defined by its gorgeous beaches, art treasure, incredible landscapes, trendy fashion, traditional foods and many others. Any wine connoisseur knows of the fantastic drinks created by the vineyard industry in Italy.

Italy has 20 regions, but each of these regions acts like an independent state because each has different culture, traditions, varying living standards local language, architecture and unique, glorious and delicious food. Italy embraces life to the fullest with many local festivals taking place daily across the country in celebration of either a saint or a local harvest.

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The Italians are accommodating, savvy and sensible. The country is famed for its shopping and is one of the many iconic designer names. If you love water and fountains activities, then Rome is a number one spot which boasts of over 280 fountains including La Barcaccia, Foundation of Triton and the iconic Trevi Fountain.

A visit to Italy will be a lifetime experience. Italy offers attractions sites such as the Vatican in Rome, the national park at Basilicata and Pollino National Parks, art cities such as Genoa in Pizza De Ferrari, religious places such as Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi, ski mountains in Cervano, and art and history Rome. A one visit in Italy is an unforgettable experience, and the old cliché will ring true.