Exploring the Beautiful And Alluring Italian Coast

Sentiero Degli DeiWhen people think of Italy, they immediately think of Roman ruins and pizza, but the truth is that there is so much more to this beautiful country. It’s true that here you can find some really incredible beaches with white sand as well, especially in the far south and tucked into great coves on the gorgeous island of Sardinia. I always take time off Alexandria tow truck to go vacationing in Europe. However, the most popular stretches of Italy’s coastline are rugged and dramatic.

For instance, you could visit Cinque Terre’s cliff backed villages to get a good idea of how life is in the countryside here, but you can also visit the wonderful Amalfi Coast. And then there are the islands: some volcanic, some circled by sand, some rustic, while others are glamorous, small or simply very big. As you can see, there are many things you can see in Italy and in the list below we’re hoping you can decide on what part of this wonderful country you would like to check out.

Sentiero degli Dei

Are you the kind who loves hiking? If that’s so, then you should definitely visit Sentiero degli Dei. This is a great path that incepts in Bomerano which is a small village in the mountains between Amalfi and Sorrento. In total, you’ll have to hike for about four and a half hours and along the way you’ll see breathtaking views, a gorge, several caves and also vineyards. It’s really an excellent way of escaping the tourist crowds in the towns, but do keep in mind that in high season this path can also get crowded.

The Duomo of Amalfi

Duomo Of AmalfiThe majority of people who visit Amalfi Town pay a visit to the Duomo and for good reason. This special cathedral is said to house the remains of Saint Andrew, one of Jesus’ Apostles. The remains are said to have been brought here during the Crusades all the way from Constantinople. Even if you’re not the type to believe in the origins of the relics, the cathedral in itself is a wonderful place you should check out. Make sure not to miss its detailed bronze doors which have been cast in Constantinople in the XI century and the IX century Basilica of the Crucifix you can see next door.

Villa Cimbrone, Ravello

This is certainly one of the top sites that you should not miss checking out when coming to S. Italy. A wonderful summer concert series makes this place a must see by anyone who loves music and given the fact that you also get some amazing views makes this an even better place to be.

Within the Ravello, you’ll immediately realize that the attraction which stands out the most is the Villa Cimbrone. This place dates back to the XI century and it’s now a hotel that has amazing gardens which are open to the public. Believe us when we tell you that you’ve never seen views like this before.

Castello di Arechi, Salerno

castello di arechi salernoThe Arechi castle is one of the top destinations you should certainly visit when coming to Salerno. This is a VIII century fortification that’s perched up on a hill and boasts breathtaking views of not only the Mediterranean, but also of Salerno itself. You can also visit a museum if you go inside where you’ll be able to admire finds from the castle, such as ceramics and medieval coins. In the summertime, there are also several concerts being hosted here, which is an added bonus if you’re a music lover.

Cinque Terre

Set amid some of the most impressive coastal scenery in the world, these 5 inspiring fishing villages can easily bolster even the most gorged of spirits. This place is actually a UNESCO World Heritage site since ’97 was once compared to the Garden of Eden – that’s how incredibly magical this place is. Seemingly impregnable cliff sides are traversed by sinuous paths, while a XIX century railway line cuts through coastal tunnels and makes it easy for tourists and local sot get from one village to the next. Thankfully, you won’t see any cars here, since they were banned over 10 years ago.

With a vernacular architecture, a complicated system of gardens and fields and steeply terraced cliffs, this is indeed a place of wonder and by far one of the most amazing places you can visit when exploring the Italian Coast.

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