Great Places You Need To Absolutely Check Out When Exploring Southern Italy

sassi di materaExploring the Southern part of Italy is an incredible journey that you’re likely to take more than once and that’s because there are dozens of amazing places you can visit here. In fact, this place boasts some of the oldest cities in Italy, but also various important sites from what is known to have been a part of Ancient Greece many centuries ago. Because of that, there are many tourists that flock to this place every year, but they also visit here because of the island life and warm Mediterranean climate.

Sassi di Matera

Located in the region of Basilicata, these are practically cave dwellings that you can easily visit in the town of Matera. It’s said that the Sassi are the first human settlements in Italy and that they originate from an old prehistoric settlement. The majority of the houses here are simply caverns and they are dug into the hard tufa rock with great skill. More interestingly is the fact that some of the streets are located on top of a number of these houses. The houses themselves were only inhabited until the nineteen fifties by farmers and their livestock, while nowadays they’re just an uninhabited jumble of stone buildings that look timeless and beautiful.


marateaIt’s actually quite simple to understand why there are so many people who want to visit this beautiful town. Form its great location along the Mediterranean cost to its ritzy harbor and Medieval town, this is by far one of the most interesting resorts you can visit in S. Italy. Keep in mind that if you want to come here, you need to book your hotel early, since the place is booked at least a year in advance. Since this is a seasonal town, a large part of the area simply closes between October and March. High end amenities, water sports and sunbathing are some of the main reasons why people come here.


This gorgeous and ancient town sits among stark cliffs and white sandy beaches. It’s believed that Tropea was founded by Hercules himself and while that cannot be verified, the city has indeed managed to maintain and incredible draw for anyone who loves the sun and the beach. You should also not miss visiting the most notable churches in town, including the local cathedral where 2 bombs form World War II are still housed (they never exploded) outside the front door. The second one is the Santa Maria Del Isola, a medieval church that was constructed on its own island, yet many years later a bridge was built between the mainland and the church.


capriCapri is a wonderful island that’s rich in history and mythology and is conveniently located right in the Bay of Naples. This is the place where Tiberius, the Roman Emperor, lived until he died in thirty seven AD. This is also a place where it’s said that sirens would lure in sailors with their charming songs only to eventually drown and kill them.

The most popular attraction on the island is the emperor’s imperial residence, Villa Jovis. However, if you love natural attractions, then you certainly have to visit the Blue Grotto, a waterfront cave that can be accessed by boat depending on the tide. Lastly, you should also try to ride the Seggiovia chair-lift in the city of Anacapri, since this fifteen-minute ride offers you extraordinary views of the sea and the island.

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