Must-See Tourist Attractions When Visiting Rome, Italy

RomeMany centuries ago, Rome was the center of the greatest civilizations in the world and due to its status, it had a massive influence over a lot of what was happening in the world. With wonderful basilicas, ancient churches, graceful fountains, ornate statues, amazing Roman monuments and majestic palaces, Rome has an incredible cosmopolitan atmosphere and rich historical heritage. If you want to come visit this wonderful city, learn more about it and explore its rich history, here are some of the best places you should visit.

Roman Forum

Roman ForumThe Roman Forum was for many hundreds of years the teeming heart of the ancient City and it’s located in the small valley between Capitoline and Palatine Hills. This is where triumphant elections and processions took place and it was also the nucleus of commercial affairs and the main venue for public speeches. Today, the Forum is indeed a ruin and includes the Temple of Saturn, the Temple of Faustina and Antoninus Pius, but also the Arches of Titus and Septimius.

Castel Sant Angelo

The majestic castle of Sant Angelo was built between one hundred and thirty five and one hundred and thirty nine AD and was initially the tomb of Emperor Hadrian. Eventually, strongholds were constructed on top of it and incorporated into a castle and residence by the medieval Popes. Until eighteen seventy, the castle was used as a prison, yet it currently houses a tomb. This is by far one of the most popular tourist spots in Rome and if you’ve seen the movie Angels and Demons, you’re going to instantly recognize it.

Piazza Navona

piazza navonaPiazza Navona is one of the most popular squares in Rome and it was established towards the end of the fifteenth century and perfectly preserves the original shape of Domitian’s Stadium. The square was built in eighty six AD by Emperor Domitian and surprisingly, it had a greater arena compared to the Coliseum and was generally used for sporting events and festivals. Today though, there are 3 amazing fountains that can be seen here and the place is extremely popular for those who just want to watch street performers, shop or sip a cappuccino.


pantheonAlso known as the Temple of the Gods in Rome, the Pantheon has remained very well reserved over the centuries which is deeply impressive, given the fact it was built in 27 BC and then was once again built in the second century AD, since it sustained some heavy fire damage. After Rome forsook its pagan gods, a Christian altar was added to the Pantheon so that Christians can worship God. Further changes in how the Pantheon would be used happened after the Renaissance, when it was used as a designated to for some of the elite and artists in Rome, including Italy’s former kings and painter Raphael. With the sun shining through the oculus, a massive dome, expansive interior and tall columns that extend towards the sky, the Pantheon’s incredible architecture has inspired many copycats around the globe.

Trevi Fountain

trevi fountainThe Trevi Fountain is one of the most visited tourist spots in the country and is also the place where people throw three coins into it in order to see their dreams and various wishes hopefully come true in the future. After throwing some coins in the fountain and wished for the right outcome, you can consider exploring the Baroque masterpiece that displays the god Neptune in his shell shaped chariot. You can also feel great about the coins you just threw into the fountain, since the three point five thousand dollars collected each day is used for the purpose of supporting various food programs for the poor.

Capuchin Crypt

Last but not least, the Capuchin Crypt is the place where you can see many displays of skulls and bones. The place celebrates the life of the Capuchin friars, which is an old religious order. The friars created amazing displays consisting of bones of dead people and they also created frames for Christian artwork in different places inside the crypt, including the Crypt of the Resurrection and the Crypt of the Skulls. While some people may think that this is macabre, it’s not, since it tells the story of resurrection, life and death and shows an interesting interpretation of the church’s teachings of eternity, good and evil.

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