Reasons You Should Make Italy Your Next Travel Destination

architectureItaly is a country with fascinating history, stunning art and architecture and picturesque coastline. From beaches to mountains, Italy has everything you need. Italy is a bucket list for many. It is a country hosting one the best world-famous cuisines. The first trip to Italy can be intimidating. You may want to visit a lot of historic places within the short time you have. You can book a limousine service and tour around different cities as you admire world-famous artworks and other attractions.

Italy is a tourist delight with fantastic cultural attraction and a lot of activities. There are a lot of fresh foods, finest red wines, and heavenly desserts. Each region this country has its charm and attractions. There are a lot of cuisines that make the country an ideal destination for different travelers. If you are thinking of having an Italian vacation, here are top places top reasons to set yourself off to Italy.

Arts and Culture

Italy is a country full of arts and culture. Art and culture is a daily part of the lives of Italians. This country was at the center of the fabled Renaissance movement. It is the birth place of renowned painters such as Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, Michelangelo, Donatello, Botticelli among others. Italian cities of Rome, Florence, and Milan has the most amazing art of human consciousness. Still, on art, we have the Roman ruins. History has played a key role in shaping the present Italy. Rome was the capital center of the Mighty Roman Empire and continues to be a hub of political activity. Italy is a country with the world’s highest number of UNESCO world heritage sites.

Italian Food

PastaItaly is a country of fresh cuisines which are highly colorful and delicious. The cuisines are flavorsome and filled with passion. The country is well known for its exceptional quality of red wines. The wines are perhaps the best in the world as the soils and climate are ideal to support the famous Chianti, Piedmont, Montalcino, Lombardy vineyards among others, which produce some of the finest red wines. Local

Diverse Landscapes

When it comes to the diversity of landscapes, nowhere you can experience the best of these landscapes than in Italy. Each of Italian regions are varied, and have their own identity and regional variations, in terms of language, cuisine, geography, and attractions. Italian cities are legendary. They are among the world’s oldest cities in terms of urban planning. The Roman and Italians have long understood the necessity of urban planning and architectural designs.

Italian Festivals

Festivals are an integral part of the Italian culture. Some of the most famous Italian festivals have captured the imagination of many in the world. Some of the most renowned ones include the Historical Regatta, Palio di Siena, Game of the Bridge, Battles of the Oranges among others. There are still much more to see, as the Italian people have the best of almost everything. Talk about good foods, beautiful landscapes, great wines, beautiful coastal cities and best museums.

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